Outdoor Sound Baths in the Forest

After a sell-out prior years, The Holistic Therapy Rooms is excited to announce that Outdoor Sound Baths in the Forest will once again resume from April 2021 (subject to weather).

Events takes place in Epping Forest and will include either a Guided Visualisation or a Reiki Drum Journey. Forest Bathe to the sound of Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other sound instruments.

Outdoor Sound Baths in the Forest  benefit the mind and body reducing stress and tension. They help to release emotional blockages and stuck patterns of behaviour. Enjoying the Sound Bath outdoors in the Forest has the added benefits of lowering stress hormones and blood pressure as we are surrounded by the trees and the gentle elements. Trees also have their own woody aromas which are absorbed into the body as we breathe in and connect during the session.