Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy MassageAn Aromatherapy Massage is the therapeutic use of essential oils from aromatic plants, herbs and trees.

Aromatherapy oils add a further dimension to Massage treatments. As the scent of the oil blend is both inhaled into the limbic system and absorbed into the skin, it soothes the emotions and helps to relieve areas of tension in the body, whether this is muscular or for pain relief, the effect is multi dimensional.

At the start of the treatment, a consultation will be carried out to determine which Essential Oils (and Carrier oils) can be selected and blended to create a truly bespoke blend for you and to support you with any presenting conditions.

Aromatherapy Massage can help to support with a range of conditions:

  • Respiratory or acute infections
  • Immune
  • Digestive
  • Sleep
  • Skin
  • Reproductive
  • Women’s Health
  • Emotional Re-Balancing
  • Muscular discomfort

Essential Oil Quality:

The Essential oils that are sourced by The Holistic Therapy Rooms are of a high quality to ensure that you receive the best therapeutic benefits from the plants and trees taking into consideration how they are grown; based on the altitude, soil, climate and environment.

Essential Oils are blended with Carrier Oils which could include some of the following subject to skin type and consultation: Sesame Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil and Peach Kernal Oil. The carrier oils also have great benefits to the skin and can be anti inflammatory and moisturising.

Client Comfort:

Client comfort is important at The Holistic Therapy Rooms. Back Massages can be carried out in a seated position where required.

Essential Oils in Pregnancy – this will be discussed during the consultation to determine suitability.

Aromatherapy Massage Fees:

40 Minutes £50
60 Minutes £70
90 Minutes Special Offer from £92 to £90
2 Hours Special Offer from £140 to £115

Add 15 minutes of Reiki for an additional £10. Please mention when making a booking.


Appointment Guidelines:

Please arrive for a prompt start. In the event of a late arrival, the minutes unfortunately will be deducted from your treatment time.

Please provide 48 hours notice in advance of a cancellation otherwise full fee is payable.

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