Reflexology, is a unique form of complementary therapy which invites us on a journey to healing and well-being through the power of touch. Rooted in ancient practices and refined over centuries, Reflexology offers a special approach to health, harmonizing the body’s natural energies.

Reflexology is more than just a foot massage; it’s an Holistic treatment that believes in the principle that specific points on the feet, hands,  ears and face are intricately connected to various organs and systems of the body. By applying gentle pressure to these reflex points, the aim is to stimulate the body’s healing processes, promoting balance and wellness.


The Wide-Ranging Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology’s benefits are as diverse as they are profound, addressing both physical and emotional health.

  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Pain Relief – having been observed to provide relief from various types of pain, including headaches, menstrual cramps, and muscle tension. The gentle pressure on reflex points can help ease discomfort, offering a natural and drug-free alternative to pain management.
  • Women’s Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Improved Circulation
  • Enhancing Mental Clarity
  • Promoting Homeostasis

The ultimate goal of reflexology is to bring the body into a state of homeostasis, or balance. By addressing imbalances in the body’s systems, it encourages overall health and well-being.

Geo-Thermal Reflexology treatments with Hot & Cool Stones & Reflexology with Crystals:

The application of temperatures adds an additional dimension to treatments.

Using warm Jade & Basalt stones, as well as cool Rose Quartz and additional crystals enhances treatments promoting greater relaxation as the warmth from the stones encourages greater blood circulation, works deeper into the reflex points and releases tension in the feet. The cool helps to flush the lymph and reduce acute inflammation.

Crystal Wands and additional Crystals are also used to balance the Chakra points in the feet (energy centres) and amplifies Reflexology treatments. The use of different Crystals on specific points on the feet focuses the crystalline energies and provides additional healing benefits.

Add the Rose Quartz or Jade Eye Masks to further relax and rejuvenate the eye area.

Reflexology Fees – South Woodford:

Foot Reflexology 60 Minutes including consultation & aftercare advice £58
Foot Reflexology 75 mins with Geo-Thermal Temperatures (Hot & Cool Stones) & Crystal Reflexology £70

Appointment Guidelines:

Treatment durations are start to finish and fully inclusive of all elements and time taken to conduct a treatment.

Please arrive for a prompt start. In the event of a late arrival, the minutes unfortunately will be deducted from your treatment time.

Please provide 48 hours notice in advance of a cancellation otherwise full fee remains payable.

Reflexology in the neighbouring communities:

South Woodford is easily reached from Central London and Essex.

I also support the local community around: Woodford, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill, Wanstead, Loughton, Snaresbrook, Chingford, Highams Park, Stratford, Leyton, Leytonstone and Walthamstow.

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