Sound Healing

Sound Healing Sound Healing: The Alchemy of Sound in Treatments. 

“Sound will be the Medicine of the Future”.  Edgar Cayce

Sound is vibration, an alchemical sonic experience which moves through the body and within the ear canal at a cellular level to shift, release and restore the inner sanctum.

Sound Healing treatments take into account the Energy system, the Chakra’s and their function as well as any behaviours or self limiting beliefs that each recipient would like to focus upon to initiate the process to release.

Sound Healing can be carried out in a single session, however a course of 6 weekly sessions is highly recommended to yield greater results.


  1. Himalayan Singing Bowls Sound Healing – Deeper and more grounding singing bowls of Bronze alloy construct. These Singing Bowls tend be more widely known (above photo).
  2. Crystal Alchemy & Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – these bowls contain crystals and silicon with sound that carries higher frequencies.


£55 for One person

£65 for Two People in a combined session

Add 15 Mins Reiki for an additional £10


Block of 6 Weekly Sessions with advanced payment:

£300 for One Person

£350 For Two People based on a single session each week.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing