Sound Bath at Wanstead Works in East London

Join The Holistic Therapy Rooms for a Sound Bath at Wanstead Works in East London, the new Co-Working Space in Wanstead on Sunday 5th November 2023 at 10.45am in support of your overall well-being ahead of the working week.

These Sound Baths have been curated to help you to reduce stress, soothing your mind and emotions thereby helping to improve your focus, clarity and productivity as part of your day to day.

With over 20 years work experience in the City in a Corporate setting, Adalet from The Holistic Therapy Rooms, understands how project timelines, managing deliverables and time-zones can impact your work life balance.

Sound Baths can be an effective tool to help you to cultivate healthy habits, re-focusing the mind and to create the headspace to invite in fresh perspectives. Ultimately helping you to Release and Restore as part of your wellness programme, your self-prescription for the week ahead.

This event is open to everyone.

What do you need to bring to a Sound Bath?

  • Yoga Mat
  • Throw & Cushion for your warmth and comfort
  • Bottle of water for your hydration

Then allow the sounds from the Gong, Alchemy Crystal &/or Himalayan Singing Bowls and additional sound instruments to take you into that floaty space of suspension, where thoughts can be scattered, insight received, or simply to a place of deep rest.

Adalet has been facilitating Sound Baths for over 6 years and is a fully qualified and accredited Gong Master Practitioner and a Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls Practitioner.

Advanced booking required: