Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing: Unveiling the Mystical Path to Wellness

In the realm of alternative therapies, Crystal Healing is a captivating and mystical approach to wellness. This ancient practice, rooted in civilisations from the  Egyptians and Greeks, harnesses the healing powers and properties of crystals and gemstones.

“Gemstones are time keepers and record holders of an ancient wisdom helping you to lead a more meaningful, powerful, prosperous and intentional life”.

Athena Perrakis

The vibrations from the crystals help to align and harmonise with our body’s energy centres (Chakra’s) soothing and restoring our auric field and physical body. Crystals provide a wonderful energetic healing treatment that is deeply soothing and restorative with one particular client describing it like  ‘”Having a massage without a massage)”.

Benefits of Crystal Healing:

Two of the most celebrated benefits of crystal healing are Emotional Re-Balancing & Stress Reduction. Crystals like Amethyst and Selenite are renowned for their calming properties, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. In today’s fast-paced world, where stress is a common ailment, incorporating crystal therapy into wellness routines offers a much-needed sanctuary of tranquility.

Mental Clarity and Focus

Crystals like Clear Quartz and Fluorite are thought to cleanse the mind, promote concentration, and aid in decision-making. People often turn to these crystals in times of confusion or indecision, seeking a path to mental lucidity and enlightenment.

Emotional Healing and Balance

Crystal Healing also extends its benefits to the emotional realm. Stones such as Rose Quartz and Moonstone are believed to nurture love and emotional healing, helping to heal old wounds and encourage self-love and acceptance. For those journeying through emotional turbulence, these crystals offer a beacon of hope and comfort.

From experience, the sessions can also help to gently release feelings where grief has been withheld  or when an individual has not allowed themselves to feel or express the emotions attached to a negative event as a form of emotional protection. What has been experienced has been like a sudden flash of white light from within and an emotion suddenly bubbling up to dissipate. A sign that the body is looking to release the emotions that we sometimes do not allow ourselves to feel. This then becomes a form of acknowledgment from the individual and allows them to later create any space that they need to progress their healing journey.

Spiritual Growth and Connection

Beyond the physical and emotional, crystal healing is also a conduit for spiritual growth & can enhance intuition, connecting us with our higher selves, and deepen our spiritual awareness. Stones like Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite are particularly revered for their spiritual properties, guiding individuals towards inner wisdom and truth. Lapis Lazuli to the Egyptians was said to have been a symbol of the night sky and a stone known to have been worn by Cleopatra.

Crystal Healing is a deeply personal journey, one that allows believers to explore the depths of their being. It is highly restorative and the post treatment effects can be quite deep and powerful emotionally with a huge sense of calmness that washes over the client by the end of the treatment.

The Crystal Healing Session:

A number of Crystals and Grids are selected and applied both to and around the body to unblock stagnant energies and restore the emotional body.

Treatments are carried out with the client laying on the treatment couch, fully clothed and if required, cocooned with a throw for warmth and comfort.

Crystal Healing Treatment Fees:

60 Minutes £60

Crystal Healing pairs beautifully with Reiki, Facial Massage, Reflexology and Sound Healing. Experience crystals on their own in a treatment or as part of a beautiful therapeutic combination, including the use of temperature in a Geo-Thermal Massage.

This treatment can be complemented by adding 15 mins of Reiki or Himalayan Bowl Sound Healing for an additional £10

Gift vouchers are also available for purchase.

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Appointment Guidelines:

Please arrive for a prompt start. In the event of a late arrival, the minutes unfortunately will be deducted from your treatment time.

Please provide 48 hours notice in advance of a cancellation otherwise a 50% fee remains payable.