Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a form of energetic healing utilising the unique properties that semi-precious gem stones possess. The vibrations from the crystals help to soothe and restore the energetic vibrations within our auric field and physical body.

Crystals provide a wonderful energetic healing treatment that is deeply soothing and restorative.

Using a number of different crystals and crystal grids, Crystal Healing can be experienced one it’s own or as part of a beautiful therapeutic combination with Reiki or Sound Healing (additional fees apply).


Benefits of Crystal Healing:

  • Emotionally calming
  • Pain relieving
  • Balances the energetic system
  • The restorative benefit was described by one of my clients as ‘it was like having a massage without a massage’.

A client consultation will be carried out before the treatment commences. Crystals are then selected and applied both to and around the body to unblock stagnant energies and focus energies to give a healing effect.

Treatments are carried out with the client laying on the treatment couch and fully clothed. To retain that cosy feeling, a blanket might be placed over you.

Crystals are often paired with the Chakra’s, which are energy centres within the body. Depending on the outcome of your consultation, we may work with the Chakra’s to further amplify the healing energies in the treatment.

Crystal Healing Treatment Fees:

60 Minutes £50

15 mins of Reiki or Himalayan Bowl Sound Healing add on £10

Gift vouchers are also available should you wish to treat someone special for a Birthday, Mother’s Day or simply for a treat. Purchase HERE

Appointment Guidelines:

Please arrive for a prompt start. In the event of a late arrival, the minutes unfortunately will be deducted from your treatment time.

Please provide 48 hours notice in advance of a cancellation otherwise a 50% fee remains payable.