Sunday Soothing Online Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Join the Holistic Therapy Rooms for the ‘Soothing Sunday Crystal Bowls Online Sound Bath’. Commencing Sunday 17th Jan 2021 – prepare to float away with a Crystalline Guided Visualisation before moving into the sound and frequencies of the Crystal Bowls. It’s an hour of ‘You’ Time. A time for you to unwind & recharge. You need Continue reading »

Reiki Distance Healing during Lockdown

Reiki Distance Healing is now available each Friday at 6pm BST at no charge currently during lockdown, however please do enquire when requesting Distance Healing. Please send me your name and I’ll add you to my Reiki List which will then get added to my Heart Chakra Crystal Singing bowl from where I will channel Continue reading »

Crystal Healing

The blissful Crystal Healing treatment is coming soon to The Holistic Therapy Rooms. Using a selection of Crystals and applying them onto the body in either a Chakra sequence or using Crystal grids, prepare to be amazed at the amazing healing qualities they possess. Treatments will be available by November.

Outdoor Sound Bath in the Forest

After a sell-out June 2019 Outdoor Sound Bath, tickets are available for the July – September 2019 Sound Baths. The July event takes place on 21st July 2019 in Chingford, Epping Forest and will include a Reiki Drum Journey and Sound Bath with Gongs and Singing Bowls. Tickets are available for purchase. Visit the Therapy Tab Continue reading »

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath on Sunday 7th July 2019

Just a handful of tickets remain for this collaborative event on Sunday 7th July. Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath 7th July 2019 19.00-20.45 Join Equilibrium Yoga & The Holistic Therapy Rooms for a magical and blissful evening of restoration, cleansing and relaxation. A collaboration bringing together Restorative Asana, Yoga Nidra and a Sound Bath to Continue reading »

The Beautiful Karuna Reiki®

Newly qualified to Karuna Reiki®Master/Teacher level, I’m thrilled to add Karuna Reiki® alongside the Usui Reiki that is being offered. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that is translated to mean Compassionate Action. Using a variety of symbols, Karuna Reiki® can be offered alongside Usui Reiki to support with deeply seated issues, past life issues, grounding, and healing the Continue reading »

Sound Bath 14th October 2018

Join the Holistic Therapy Rooms on Sunday 14th October 2018, for a beautiful Sound bath using Gongs, Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls and other sound instruments. The session will start with a short guided relaxation and will then move into the Sound Bath. Please visit the Sound Bath Gong Bath page for more details on Continue reading »

Epping Forest Outdoor Sound Bath/Gong Bath July 2018 & Aug 2018

Exciting News – Weather permitting, The Holistic Therapy Rooms will be holding outdoor Sound Baths, Gong Baths in Epping Forest during July 2018 & Aug 2018. Please refer to the Sound Bath Gong Bath page for more information or sign up to the Newsletter for regular updates.

10th June 2018 Sound Bath

The next Sound Bath in South Woodford, East London, involving some beautiful Gongs and Sound Healing is just a week away. Gongs are a fantastic medium to help take you to a meditative state by stimulating the Alpha and Theta Brainwaves. Visit the following page for more information: Sound Bath Gong Bath