Shamanic Healing

Shamanic HealingShamanic Healing is a powerful transformational modality which accesses the spirit realm to facilitate healing.

Throughout history, every tribe had healers. The name ‘Shaman’ originated in Siberia and was used to describe their own indigenous healers. In more recent times, the title ‘Shaman’ spread throughout the world as Western Anthropologists recognised synergies amongst other indigenous tribes around the world, where practises and ceremonies accessing the spirit realm had similarities, yet no way of connecting to one another across physical geographies to spread the healing practises.

In Shamanic Healing, the spirit realm is reached through a non ordinary reality and with helping spirits and a system of techniques, healing is delivered to the recipient. The healing methods I follow will be gradual. An unfolding of change and transformation in our lives as we release and let go to make space for what needs to come in. Similar to how an onion has many layers that need to be peeled away, these layers have taken time to form and so need to time to fall away.

Often through trauma and negative life events, we hold on to our own patterns of behaviour and negative thought patterns. Stories from these negative events are repeated in life and ultimately need to be released. This can be held in the body and in the mind. Physical disease can be a dis-ease in the body as the trauma makes it’s way into the body through the aura and thought patterns. So often I see clients for Massage or Reflexology, Bodywork, where the physical discomfort originates from an emotional response to an event that happened earlier in their life.

Adalet is on a Medicine Wheel (Peruvian tradition) and is a Mesa carrier. She first encountered Shamanic Journeying in 2003 through a 3 day workshop in Thailand and then later in London in 2013 and 2019 took her studies further. Adalet fully stepped onto the Peruvian Medicine Wheel in 2021 as more messages from the spirit realm and synchronicities started appearing her life.

Shamanic Healing packages to support you on your healing journey:

Services to help release negative thought forms and trauma held in the body. An energy cleanse is added at the start before we progress onto the Energy field. We will be using Adalet’s Mesa to help facilitate the healings.

  • Package of 3 sessions minimum £250 payable in advance or £95 per session to release these negative thought forms (upto 2 hours each)
  • As these are cleared, we can then progress onto additional healings of the mind for restoration at £77 each.
  • Shamanic Entity Extraction is included in the above if detected and will be included for no added fee. If an individual session is required, please enquire.
  • 121 Shamanic Drum Journey (60 mins £60)
  • Prayer Parcels (£60 per hour)

The Munay Ki Rates are a series of Shamanic Empowerments, often like the seeds that are sown on a Shamanic path.

  • Rite of the Womb – £55 (Upto 60 mins)

Fire Ceremonies:

Adalet is available to facilitate Shamanic Fire Ceremonies to be held ideally in an outdoor location. Message to enquire.