Reiki Distance Healing during Lockdown

Reiki Distance Healing is now available each Friday at 6pm BST at no charge currently during lockdown, however please do enquire when requesting Distance Healing.

Please send me your name and I’ll add you to my Reiki List which will then get added to my Heart Chakra Crystal Singing bowl from where I will channel the Reiki.

If you wish, as the Reiki is chanelled between 6-7pm BST, you can create a sacred space at home from where you will receive the Reiki energies. You might want to light some candles, diffuse some Aromatherapy oils, or burn some incense. You could also position some crystals around you selecting what you are most drawn to intuitively. Then lay down to receive the Reiki energies.

Alternatively, you may continue with your daily life at this time, as you wish.

Please contact me to add your name to the Reiki list.